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Council & Economic Partnership Ocala CEP work to establish economic opportunity in Central Florida.  Marion County Commissioners consider the CEP Florida presentation on Compressed Natural Gas Solutions by Don Browning at the March 2016 County Commission Meeting.  The CNG contract is adding millions to the already stressed budget.  See Compressed Natural Gas Contract opportunities Section 12 and Section 18 of the CEP Free Ocala CNG solution.  Section 12 is without cause, and open to either party electing to step out of the costly agreement.

Section 18 is the Force Majeure clause that allows either party to step away from the agreement because of the Middle East Wars that have impacted world oil prices.  According to Ocala Politics.com  glut of oil on the world market is resulting from the excessive pumping by the war torn OPEC nations. 

Marion County CC Sponsors #49 SCCA Race Car in Fresh Florida Racing Program.  Best Florida Visit 

Browning Brothers no 49 at Daytona International Speedway.

Excellent racing at Sebring International Speedway.  Florida is kicking off the new SCCA year with a three-day event at Holmstead Miami Speedway event followed by the ever popular Sebring International event in Mid January.  Don Browning drove to the front of the pack in STL class before transmission damage forced him out of the final.  Spec Miata Racing was very competitive and Don Finished in the upper middle of the pack of 60 plus drivers.  Watch for an upcoming video.

Tiny House development came on strong in December finishing out the year on a strong note.  Summerfield is the newest development area.

Outstanding Start .com did an excellent report on new ideas for getting traction in the new year.

10487 SE Highway 42

Summerfield Florida 34491 


Florida Water Council is having success supporting the new intuitive by Ag Commissioner Adam Putnum.  Look for great progress from Governor Scott and Commissioner Putnam as they work to improve quantity and quality of water.  Follow Springs Protection Environmentalist as they work to bring reason to the Kanapaha Utility problem.  There is also a good reason for excitement with the latest interest in using spring water to recharge the aquifer rather than sending all of it to the ocean and gulf.

Discover Marion County, Best Florida Visit and Marion County CC.com form Marion Economic Ocala CEP Chamber Partnership to celebrate Fresh Florida Racing effort. Don Browning Driver.



New Developments in EDC Marion efforts.  Marion County Commissioners are looking closely at the Socialist Nature of the subsidies given to the Ocala Chamber.  See CEP Marion for developments.  It has been 10 years since active citizens were able to lobby Legislators and operate openly in the Marion County area.  Many promotional companies have gone out of business, unable to compete with low subsidized pricing by the Ocala Chamber.  CEP Florida is now the CEP Family Community Economic Partner to increase commerce in Marion County.  For-profit, the CEP Free and CEP Florida are promoting area businesses.  Don't miss the Ocala Expo, Ocala Sailing Club and the Millers Marine boating expo.  Also, Family Fun Marine is featured for the Donzi Boat Inclusion on Marion County's Lake Weir.



Don Browning Founder of Marion Sun TimesDiscover Marion CountyThe Villages Marion CountyBest Florida Visit and many more local New Chamber of Commerce Model business resources. 

Notice to our loyal customers. The State of Florida has decided to enter the Local Marion County Marketplace and fund a single business competitor.  A free market system has been good to Florida and helped our state compete with other leading states such as Texas for business growth.  Now however Florida's Legislature has decided to enter local commercial markets and select a single company as the official agency of the State of Florida in most counties.  In Marion County, the old line Ocala Chamber was chosen to as the Official State Economic Agency to partner with the Economic Development arm of the Department of Economic Opportunity's Enterprise Florida. 

Capital at risk and a superior product/service is the key to success in a  Free Market System.  The State of Florida has embarked on a program in our area "Marion County" to infuse free capital into one of our local Chambers of Commerce.  In addition to providing capital, The State of Florida has created State Agency Status to the selected company.  Competitors often crush other non-subsidised companies!  Before the "Special State Agency" designation we regularly outperformed in Google Search and Recognition.  While our business model was new and admittedly developing, we were following the Google, Facebook model of low or no charges for membership and Advertising Customers revenue as the economic engine.  

The State of Florida while trying to create a receptive environment for out of state business and demographic interest, actually crushed 9 out of 10 jobs in our area.  On the "financial ropes" in 2010 the new Sovereign Status as a state agency allowed the Ocala CC to sell partnerships for up to $25,000 per partner and in some government situations to take on partners for $250,000 each.  Flush with cash, our competitor has dominated the marketplace.  Now, if a government partner hears of a profitable business opportunity they automatically direct the prospect to the Ocala State Agency Partner.  

Recent conversations with government officials have concluded that nothing can break the new Government State of Florida Agency Status of the old Ocala Chamber.   Connecting local county and city elected officials to the State of Florida is the perfect State Connection for local officials.

The Legislature historically received bus loads of local Marion County Day citizens, and that now has been taken over by the newly legislative funded Economic Development Partners financed by the State of Florida.  State Agency people are now the visitors lobbying their state legislators on Marion County Day.  In the past, elected officials were minor players among the flood of citizens visiting the Florida State Capital.  Today just the opposite occurs.  Citizens are often expected to "pay to play" at the Local State Agency Level. 


In a recent meeting with "Mr. Marion County" State Representative Dennis Baxley was astounded to hear how far off the track the state-funded EDC program had gotten under Mr. Baxley's watch.  Originally a staunch Free Market Conservative, Rep. Baxley now fears that the State Economic Partnership takeover of local business activity is too entrenched to stop.  Many local businesses have invested up to $20,000 to have a State of Florida Agency Business Status.  Pay to play in the local business market may be with us for good.  Local Governments are now also allowed to buy State Agency Status to add to their elected status as a city or county official.  Ocala has given up $250,000 plus hundreds of thousands in free rent to the Ocala Chamber once just a local business like the rest of us.  Marion County also has taken $250,000 from local taxpayers to give to the new Economic Partnership.

 Rep. Baxley took under consideration the citizens argument that consumers should decide who is successful in business as was the case when Rep. Baxley entered office over a decade ago.  The idea that the State of Florida EDC should be able to approach companies and suggest that they pay upwards of $20,000 to be a partner of the State of Florida new Economic Partnership does not pass the smell test.  Nine out of the ten companies in the promotion business went out of business or just were able to carry on in small dingy offices like the Belleview Chamber.  Belleview is the leading Economic Engine of Marion County situated beside the economically vibrant The Villages commercial area.

 EX Ocala Chamber employee Silvera files to Rep. Baxley's long time Legislative Seat.  Current Marion County Economic Partner Stan McClain seems to be on the outs with Legislative Powerhouses.  Things are heating up in 2015.

Evelio Silvera may help bring back free enterprise in Central Florida's Marion County.  With a Cuban Family History, Evelio knows first hand what happens to a government controlled economic system.  The Castro Brothers invented marketplace takeover by a single State Agency and 50 years of Cuban Poverty is the result of their EDC type economic actions. 

 Our headline article of two years ago 2010-12 political cycle.

Marion County Commissioners have been asked to support the Ocala Chamber of Commerce with $250,000 and $100,000 for the business of renting to new companies.  It is not possible to actively compete with tax welfare.  Marion County Chamber will stay in the shadows keeping Discover Marion County CC site open, as well as Discover Marion County and Best Florida Visit.  

We can not compete with a company who receives government funding for all their expenses from business cards, rent, car expenses, computer expenses and whatever other expenses up to $500,000 from Ocala taxpayers and Marion County taxpayers.  We call them "Welfare Queens" because they are taking six-figure salaries paid by the taxpayers of Marion County.  When they stop receiving subsidies, will re-enter the marketplace and succeed. 



 Our headline article of two years ago 2010-12 political cycle.

Marion County Commissioners have been asked to support the Ocala Chamber of Commerce with $250,000 and $100,000 for the business of renting to new companies.  It is not possible to actively compete with a competitor who is funded with tax welfare.  Marion County Chamber will stay in the shadows keeping Discover Marion County CC site open, as well as Discover Marion County and Best Florida Visit.  

We can not compete with a company who receives government funding for all their expenses from business cards, rent, car expenses, computer expenses and other expenses up to $500,000 from Ocala taxpayers and Marion County taxpayers.  We call them "Welfare Queens" because they are taking six-figure salaries paid by the taxpayers of Marion County.  When they stop receiving subsidies, will reenter the marketplace and succeed. 

Marion County Commissioner Questionnaire

If you are a candidate or current Commissioner of Marion County Florida

How would you best describe your responsibilities to the citizens of Marion County?

A. I represent Ocala because my offices are in Ocala and many of my buds are in Ocala.

B. I represent Ocala/Marion because our county is known as Ocala/Marion and the signs all say Ocala, or Ocala/Marion.

C. I represent Marion County because I didn't run for Ocala Commissioner or any other city.  My Pay Check comes from Marion County so I am sticking with Marion County.

D. I only represent myself, some times I am for Marion County, sometimes, for Ocala, and sometimes for Ocala/Marion.  It all depends on many factors most of which are in Ocala.

F. I don't understand the question.  All the signs say Ocala so I will side with the majority, and it would save money to buy Ocala signs with Ocala.

G. I represent those who best support me in my effort to stay in office and help me avoid difficult questions.

H. I would like a different question, many of my political backers are from Ocala and this question is making me uncomfortable. 

I.  I represent Marion County and don't mind saying so to the world. If elected or reelected, or if I come to my senses: I will introduce a motion to change our name back to Marion County, from Ocala/Marion. 

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Just in: Ocala EDC decides to close the doors on its present operation.  The Board of Directors of the Ocala EDC voted to move in with the Ocala CC in their downtown city owned building.  More details as they come forward.

For many years Ocala CC has done a great deal with reducing funds.

 It remains to be seen how the Ocala EDC Director will fare with little realistic support of a salary of almost double the Ocala CC director's.

 More details to come. 

 We survived without government funding but those who received massive amounts of tax dollars failed and again the Marion County Commission is falling over themselves to give awards, contracts and funding to the failed old Ocala EDC, TDC, and chamber.  And we wonder why our economy is failing.  Government doesn't do much right but I guess they try.

More later. 

Commissioner Moore backs free market system.  Government should never fund a single company our of a group in a market place.  If you give capital to a single company then give government regulation control State Agency Status to a single company you have reduced choice in the market place.  If Government backs one company the other companies fail and the value of competition evaporates.  The entire community loses jobs of the failed non subsidized companies and poverty creeps into the community.  Watch for sale signs pop up in a community that lets government choose winners and losers.

Commissioner Arnett votes to end the welfare subsidy payments to the State of Florida EDC Partnership.  If the Ocala Chamber is as viable as they say they are, they should be able to survive like all their competitors.  The Marion County CC may have a better idea.  Let the customers decide.  How would the Ocala Chamber do if we gave $250,000 to the new up commers Main Street Chamber or the Marion County Chamber?  If we want to be a State of Florida EDC Partner we should go to work for the State of Florida.  

Why didn't the State of Florida not give the other Chambers a chance to have all their bills paid by government.  It is not business if the government picks a company as the exclusive State of Florida Agency pick for success! 

Name change to Ocala Marion.  Logo change to Ocala, may change history.  New interest in TDC Governing Board may take place.  Stay tuned.

Marion County Chamber of Commerce®

EDC Marion County® 


IHMC set the stage for a revitalized Marion County with its popular Afternoon Lecture Program.

Marion County Leadership past and present sets their sites on a strong Economic Recovery for Florida.  Public Policy will be set by elected officials as college professors are asked to return to the classroom.  Dr. Dassance of CF recently stepped back from political ventures, Heart of Florida, and the the Marion Public Policy has been taken back by the public.  Public Policy is not to be controlled by local tax funded colleges.  Drs. Sassar and Dassance  of Jr College fame had developed a strong Regional Political Voice using educational resources.  Taken away from TeamDassance is:
Out performing the Tax Funded Political Network is the new strong people's political networkBetter Florida Government effort.  With the success of anti growth groups, Florida tax revenues are diving down a long sloping curve.  Only private business can pick up the pieces.  Team Dassance will have to actually field a political candidate for office to keep control of the Ocala Government

The number one target for Marion County tourism.  We must recover control of this valuable asset.  Return Silver Springs to Marion County Control.


Voters overwhelmingly agree with the Marion County Chamber in supporting a strong responsibility agenda.  Governor Rick Scott will receive the support he needs to help achieve Economic Recovery.

George Albright Jr. is recognized by The Marion County Chamber of Commerce as Fund Raiser of the Year Marion County with the first Annual Albright Auto Show.

Vote Against Amendment 4.

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Marion County Chamber of Commerce solutes the Ft McCoy VFW Retirement Home.

The latest big news in Marion County is the move to promote Marion County as an Economic Development Action destination.   Marion County developed and funded the Marion County Development Coordinator position in recent years however the program has been side tracked into the Ocala Development program.  A return to the Marion County Concept will help promote all of the cities along with the other treasures of Marion County.

Don't miss Marion County Day in Tallahassee.  Meet and discuss important issues with the Marion County Legislative Delegation.

Marion County Administrator 
Dr. Lee A. Niblock

Receives top honors for his "Doing More with Less Program".  Riding an outpouring of  Positive Citizen Support, Dr Lee Niblock has been chosen as Governmental Leader of the Year by The Marion County Chamber of Commerce.

Repesentatives Larry Cretul, (House Speaker), Kurt Kelly, (Soon to be Congressman Kelly),  Chuck ChestnutCharles Van ZantAlan Hays, (Soon to be Senator Hays)

Senators, Steve Oelrich,(Re Elect Steve OelrichCharlie Dean (Re Elect Charlie Dean), Evelyn Lynn,

Senator Paula Dockery (May be new Governor), Attorney General. Bill McCollum, (May be our new GovernorLt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp (Soon to be Attorney General)

Governor Charlie Crist, (Soon to be Senator Crist

Marion County Chamber Celebrates Marion County Day in Tallahassee.

See images go to Ocala Chamber at Ocalacc.Com to view more images.  Help Don Browning decide to run for District 6 Congressional Seat.  

Marion County Has a Big Heart!  Men gather for Prayer Breakfast on the Ocklawaha River.  Inter Faith Benefit.

The People Build their Courthouse!

Visit Ocala Traditions for an exceptional experience.  If it is the "latest in traditional elegance" you are looking for, stop by and see Paula King at Ocala Traditions.   Visit Downtown Ocala, a lot is changing in Marion County and Ocala is stepping up everything.  Bank in Marion County.  You will be glad you did.  Let Ocala Best help locate opportunity for you.

Marion County Residents decide its time to promote Marion County.   Following the trend for World Class Opportunity, beyond the "City Limits Signs" out in wonderful Marion County Florida, civic leaders are expanding the promotional story, to include all of Marion County.  
Marion County Residents Organize a County Wide promotional effort to promote and describe modern Marion County.  Don't drop your current long term support of historic cities, just "Add to your city chamber memberships", such as the Ocala CC, or the Dunnellon Chamber, in order to tell the full Marion County Story
Visit vast natural venues in all directions, in all directions of the compass.  Start with our Historic Cities such as Ocala, Dunnellon, McIntoshthe Villages, to name a few.  Expand your visit to World Class Horse Farms, Florida's Best Tourism, Florida's Best BanksWorld Class BirdingSprings ExplorationBoating, National Forest Camping, World Class Wading Bird RookeriesEco Friendly Jobswealth, population, residential opportunities to buy or build your dream home.  Come to Marion County to see what all the excitement is about!
One of the first official goals of the new Marion County E Chamber is to expand service out beyond Ocala.   As Marion County has grown, the old model centered inside Ocala City Limits has become limited.  Many times larger geographically, with wealth and population, 80% plus and growing Marion County has become the prominent Central Florida Service area. 
Once 60 % of Marion County resided inside Ocala City Limits, today the trend is reversed, with less than 20% of Marion County residents able to vote in City of Ocala elections.  Historic Marion County has expanded to new horizons.  
Unable to Vote in Ocala elections, many Marion County residents question the percentage of their Marion County tax dollars used to promote a small portion of population, inthe City of Ocala.  
See: Examples of Ocala promotion that is funded by Marion County residents.
EDC, the Marion County Economic Development Corporation has become the Ocala EDC.  
Marion County Tourism Council has become the Ocala Tourism Council.

Marion County Citizens Decide on Courthouse Art to tell the Marion County Story

Visit Marion County for world class Birding.

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